How to Choose the Best Stick On Bra for Small Bust and Why?

The best stick on bra for small bust is an incredibly useful item to have. You can wear it with shapewear, fancy strapless outfits, and even under risque. If you're making a DIY stick-on bra for the first time, mistakes are a part of it.

So what you need right about now are some helpful tips that make wearing stick-on bras 100% effective and flattering.

It's time to do away with all this confusion about stick-on bras. Whether you need to buy them in a lingerie shop or make them at home in your perfect size.


Why You Need A Stick-On Bra


Stick on bra for small bust can increase bust size. It can increase the appearance of your bust size. This means you need to focus on your cleavage.

You can lift your bust size by wearing a stick-on bra easily. Place the stick on bra cup on each breast. Make sure the cup is covering the center of the fullest part of your bust. This means your nipples.

Don't worry, this might look a bit weird at first. But once you tie both cups together, it will make your cleavage look more defined and enhanced.

So even with a small bust, if you could never show a cleavage before. With a stick-on bra and this simple trick, you finally can!

Types of Stick-On Bras for Women


The most famous and effective stick on bra for small bust is an adhesive, V-shaped bra. The cups have hooks that pull toward each other to give you a fuller cleavage and bust.

So once you've placed the cups on top of your breasts, pull the hooks together. Clip the cups together. That's the beauty of a stick-on bra. It looks like a push-up bra but it doesn't have straps or a band.

You can also opt for a tie-up stick-on bra with adhesive sticky tape. The cups of this type of stick-on are slightly wider and longer. So they will definitely make your breasts look shapely and perky. But they also provide support for small bust as they cover the entire breast area.

The hook stick on bra feels lightweight and breathable. It has less material so it perfectly mimics the push-up bra.

The tie-up stick-on bra is smoother and shaping. It gives you side support to prevent bra bulges. And the lace-up in the front makes the design very flattering and sexy.

Do Silicone Stick-On Bras Work?

Also known as "The Dream Bra," silicone bras are good for padding. They do not shape or enhance the appearance of your bust. They only cover your nipple area so that it doesn't show through dresses and T-shirts.

For women with smaller busts, this is a huge fix. Especially if you hate wearing bras during the same. The center closure of a silicone bra offers protection and padding for a natural and sleek look and feel.

How to Clean Stick-On Bras?

Before you choose which stick on bra suits you best, it's also important to know how to keep them clean. Stick on bras are not disposable lingerie. If you clean them well, they can last for a long time.

So it's important to mention the particulars of putting them on and washing them. The last thing you want to do is spoil the style of the stick-on bra while putting them on.

  1. Make sure you keep the cups on the same level. Do not fold or crease them. Rinse the cups under warm water for a few seconds.

  2. Rub 1-2 squeezes of soap to clean your fingers. Make sure your hands are clean before you touch the bra and not ruin its stickiness.
  3. Use your palms to scrub the sticky side of the bra. Make sure you remove all dust, oil, and sweat from the adhesive. Abstain from using a cloth or a paper towel to do this. That will deteriorate the quality of the adhesive.

  4. Once both cups have been cleaned thoroughly, keep them out to dry on a level surface. Keep the adhesive tape side upwards. You should let the bra air dry all through the night. This not only accelerates the drying process. But it also keeps the adhesive away from sunlight, dust, and lint.

  5. Once the cups are completely dry, store them in the package they came on. Most likely it's a plastic protector. Keep the adhesive properly covered to avoid dirt or dust from sticking to it inside the container.

Is It Necessary to Wash A Stick-On Bra After Every Use?

If you wear a stick-on bra regularly, it's important to wash it after every use. Some warm water, mild soap, and air drying. A gentle scrubbing using your hands and your stick on bra will dry overnight.

This is the only way a stick-on bra maintains its stickiness and texture for a long time.


A sticky bra, by definition, does exactly what it should. It sticks to your skin to support and cover your breasts. Sticky bras are also known as backless bras. They do the same thing as strapless bras but with a slight change.

You can expect a sticky bra to stick on your skin for as long as you wear it. You can wear it under shapewear, backless and strapless dresses, etc.

However, there are many ways a stick-on bra could go horribly wrong. You can come out of a stunning dress looking awkward in seconds if your stick on bra doesn't stick.

To never face this wardrobe malfunction, read this article. It takes into account everything you need to know about stick-on bras. How to keep it stick for longer? How to wear it so that you can enhance your cleavage and push up your breasts size.

On the off chance, you find that the stick-on bra you have at home is not 100% useful. Read this article to figure out the best stick on bra option for you. How to make it more sticky? And how to clean it so that it doesn't lose its superb quality?