How to Make Spa Towel Wrap in 4 Easy Steps

Christine Steuber
Feb 1, 2022
There's always one thing missing for a perfect spa day at home - a spa towel wrap. No worries, I can teach you how to make…

Imagine the following situation. 

It’s the end of the week, and you finally have time for relaxation. You are ready to take that hot bath, maybe with a bath bomb, nourish your body with essential oils after it, and walk around in the towel to let your body absorb all this goodness. 

Yet, no matter what you do, the towel won’t stay on your body. It slips and slides, making your every step uncomfortable. 

I’ve been in your shoes and recognize the frustration. That’s why I’ve come up with a perfect solution – a DIY spa towel wrap! 

No worries – you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on high-quality Turkish and Egyptian cotton spa towels are usually made of. In my guide, I chose the most affordable tools and materials to help you create the ultimate spa experience at home. 

Let’s dive in. 

2 Best Ways to DIY a Spa Towel Wrap

There are several different options to make the perfect body towel wrap for women, but for all of them, you will need suitable materials. 

My two favorite craft options that I will explain thoroughly in this article are the hook and loop method and the button method. They are practical and require simple and affordable tools. 

The hook and loop method involves an elastic band that makes the towel firmer and more stable on the body. You will also need velcro to attach one side of the towel with the other. 

For the button technique, you will need a slightly larger button and a smaller elastic band to make a loop. This way, the towel will stay firmly on your body.

I recommend using large towels like those for the beach. My advice is to choose only 100% cotton as it is breathable and, therefore, the healthiest option for your skin.

One more thing I must immediately emphasize: every DIY method I will share here will include a needle and thread. If you are not a fan of sewing, don’t worry. I was also an amateur, but following these instructions, I quickly and easily made my own spa towel wrap.

For now, let’s list all the materials and tools you might need for our little DIY project. I put them together in a handy list for you:

DIY Spa towel wrap materials and tools list First for Hers

You can download this list and place it in front of you when working on the towel wrap.


You can craft the perfect spa towel using the stuff you have at home. The list of materials you will need depends on the technique you choose. For the two methods I want to show, you will need the following:

  • Large towel
  • Cotton fabric for trim
  • Hook and loop tape (velcro)
  • Elastic ribbon
  • Silk ribbon (optional – for decoration)
  • Button

If you don’t have a new elastic ribbon, you don’t need to run to the store for it. Check if you have any elastic in some old pants or dress. Then, you can pull it out and use it for your wrapping towel project. 

The elastic should not be too loose to serve the purpose, but it also should be large enough to fit the chest area. If the waistband from your pants is too small, you can try to find some elastic in men’s pants and cut it to the desired length.

As for the velcro tape, you can check if there is some on old shoes or bags. Same for buttons – you can take a few off your old shirt or coat. 


Most of the tools you will need are already in your home. Some of them are necessary, while others, like a sewing machine, are completely optional. After all, not all of us even know how to use it.

For a DIY spa towel wrap, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Safety pin
  • Tape measure
  • Thread
  • Ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Sewing machine (optional)

The sewing machine can always be replaced by your dexterous hands, needle, thread, and scissors. You can also use a tape measure instead of a ruler or scissors instead of a rotary cutter. There are always alternatives, so just take a closer look at what’s hiding in your drawers. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need!

4 Easy Steps to a Homemade Spa Towel Wrap

The time has finally come for us to start DIY-ing our spa towel wrap.

However, before we jump into the project, make sure to choose a slightly thicker towel. If you don’t have one in the bathroom, use a beach towel – it is more absorbent and is generally larger in size (30”x60″), so it will be an excellent choice for this project.

Have everything set up?

Let’s start! 

Hook and loop method

DIY spa towel wrap hook and loop method step by step instructions

Step #1: Measure the bust

To know where the towel wrap will end, you first need to measure the top of the bust. Guided by this measure, cut an elastic band. I advise the elastic to be approximately 2 inches shorter than the measurement because the ribbon will stretch and loosen over time.

Step #2: Use cotton fabric to make your towel ornate

If you want to bedazzle your towel but still want it to look practical, I can show you how to do it with a little bit of cotton fabric. Make sure, though, that it matches the color of your future spa wrap.

Start by cutting approximately a 3 1/2″ x 31″ strip of the cotton fabric. Then fold below 1/2″ on each edge of tit. Sew a cotton strip to the right side of the towel, near the finished edge, where it will overlap. If you use a sewing machine, I recommend applying a zig-zag stitch here for extra security. This technique encloses the threads of the towel and prevents them from fraying.

Step #3: Thread the elastic band

Now, fold the top part of the towel. Tighten it with a pin to see how much space you need for the elastic ribbon you have prepared. Create a casing for the elastic ribbon and pull it inside.

I usually insert elastic with a safety pin. You can put it on one end of your elastic and thread it until you reach the other hole. Then pull out the safety pin and make a tight seam in place. Also, make sure that the elastic tape is not too thin and weak because the towel is heavy in itself, especially if it is wet.

Step #4: Sew the hook and loop

Place a hook on one side and a loop on the other side of the towel, at the point where it will overlap. Cut a strip of approximately 4 inches. If you don’t have hook-and-loop tape, you can also use sturdy velcro from some of the garments you have at home. In that case, use a few smaller velcro pieces and sew them on each side of the towel.

If you have the tape, I recommend using factory glue to attach it before sewing – it will laminate the fabrics. Although you can glue the tape without sewing, my advice is to do it anyway.

Be careful not to sew the hook and loop tape on the very edges of the towel. In this case, the tape could leave scratches on your skin. Instead, center the tape a little more inward to avoid unpleasant sensations.

Extra advice: If you use a sewing machine, keep in mind that a huge amount of lint can fall off the terry material in the process. That is why it is crucial to clean the machine after, and sometimes in the meantime, to prevent malfunction.

Button method

DIY spa towel wrap button method step by step instructions First for hers

Step #1: Prepare an elastic for the button

You will need a tight elastic band for this method. Cut the elastic to create a small buttonhole. Choose the bigger button (I recommend the ones from the coat). Then connect the two ends of the elastic so that the button can pass through it. Keep the loop approximately 1″ from the edge of the towel.

At this point, make sure the loop shouldn’t be too big; otherwise, it won’t hold the button. However, it also shouldn’t be too small – the elastic should hold the button well. 

Before sewing the elastic to the towel wrap, you should first test the buttonhole by putting the button through it. When the size of the loop is perfect, attach the elastic to the appropriate place with a thread and a needle.

Step #2: Measure and label

Now, wrap the towel around your body. Start with the side without the elastic. Make sure the foreside of the towel is outwards.

The button should be sewn on the opposite side of the wrap. Imagine that it is already there, and you need to thread it through an elastic loop. With the help of a pin, mark the place where the button should be located.

Step #3: Sew on a button

Next, remove the pin and attach the button in the right place. Sew the towel button tightly to prevent it from falling off. Don’t forget that the towel has a thick material, so go through with the needle and thread a few times to be sure. If you want, you can sew two buttons, too, but in that case, you will need two elastic bands.

Using these methods, you can easily make a child’s towel wrap as well. Since children are a bit wiggly, clumsy and careless, a wrapped towel will usually fall off within seconds. But with these few alterations, it will definitely stay in place!

Step #4: Make straps for shoulders

This step is optional, but it is my personal favorite!

You’ll need to cut one strip from your towel (you can use a different one). Then wrap a towel around yourself and measure how much space you have from the front of the towel to the back. Using a flexible tape, measure the area from the chest over the shoulders to the top of the towel on the back.

After that, cut the ribbon into two smaller strips. Sew these ribbons together to make the shoulder straps on your towel. In addition to getting extra security and preventing slippage, this detail will look super-fancy!

Extra tips for a fancy spa towel wrap

To add even more pizzazz to your wrap, you can make beautiful bows from matching cotton fabric. Also, you can use silk ribbons to add a dose of luxury. This is a great idea if you want to make a unique girls towel wrap as a gift.

Apart from that, you can sew one or two pockets that will make the towel even more practical. If you are somewhere in a spa or on the beach, your pockets can be used for your wallet or cell phone.

Instead of the towel wrap dress, you can also DIY a towel skirt (just measure the waist instead of the bust in this case). Depending on what you prefer, you can sew a velcro or button on one side of the hip to create a fold. I always recommend an elastic band on the inside for extra security when it comes to towel skirts. It would be nice to have a skirt like this at some beach party, wouldn’t it? Your favorite swimsuit, attractive towel skirt, and a refreshing cocktail – the perfect summer combination!

Over To You

No matter, which of the two DIY spa towel wrap methods you choose, it will take you a maximum of two hours of work, and the eventual cost will be about $10. Not bad, huh?

Besides, you can be as creative with this project as you want. Add ribbons, bows, and other details to make the final result look luxurious. Also, it’s always a good idea to add some pockets – they will safeguard your phone while you enjoy spa day procedures.

I hope my detailed guide and tutorial will help you get the perfect post-bath towel or cover-up for the spa.

Interested in more ideas on how to customize a piece of clothing to fit you perfectly? I have a few more articles like this on my blog – check them out!

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