Cluster Eyelash Extensions – What Are They and How to Make Them Last?

Here’s the thing about cluster eyelash extensions in comparison to other types of eyelash extensions. When placed together, they feel heavier. On top of that, more glue is required to stick them. And that means using them right is crucial to the process.

No wonder not many salons don’t have listed on their service menu eyelash extension clusters. Because you end up doing it the wrong way, you know what happens? You run the risk of losing all or most of your natural lashes. At the same time, skin damage around the eyes takes form. Eye infections are also common as a result.

That said, let’s kick start the article with some need-to-know information…


Cluster Eyelash Extensions - What You Need to Know Before Reading On


Clusters of eyelash extensions are bunched up together. Meaning they consist of individual thicker lashes that create a cluster. Correct? This is not the same as volume lashes where each lash is made thicker and placed closer together.

In the case of a cluster, lashes aren’t interspersed between the natural lashes. Instead, they’re clustered or blended together. These extra eyelashes make the extensions heavier, no doubt. And that also means more glue is necessary for keeping them in place.

Also, the clusters of eyelashes themselves are bound using an adhesive. So you have to add more glue to put them into their proper place. All this does indeed sound like a messy deal in case you get the whole thing or even a part of it wrong.

But then why are cluster extensions still being sold if they’re so complicated and time-consuming to apply? Well, it’s because there are many women out there who know how to get the job done right. And also because volume lashes cannot fix wispy lashes as cluster eyelash extensions do. Only with the latter can you get thick and lustrous lashes.

You just have to take the right steps, that’s all. First things first, make sure you buy a glue that’s the product tested. So it doesn’t give rise to unwanted skin irritation or eye infections. Then comes the part where I tell you to pick the right lash size for your eyes. Because extensions do not come in a single size. In fact, the variety of sizes is not limited in any way.

Next, how long do cluster lashes last? It’s highly advisable to not keep them on for over a month. You can use simple logic here to answer the question. The glue and heaviness of the eyelash extensions are more likely to cause some form of damage if you don’t take them off sooner.

The longer they stay on your face, the greater the chances of developing eye infection and/or skin irritation. To be more specific, by longer, I mean more than 7 days.

Now let’s get to another very important part related to the topic at hand…

How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer?


Eyelash extensions, whether cluster or individual, demand high maintenance. Plus, the process of putting them on and then taking care of them is also time-intensive. And let’s not forget that this is not an inexpensive habit.

That said, you might want to keep the following points in mind to make the experience more to your liking…

1. Do Not Curl Your Natural Lashes

You have to show up at the salon bare-faced. And that means no curling your natural eyelashes. Otherwise, a crease forms and then it becomes difficult to place the lash extensions. And it all ends up looking poorly done, uneven, and clamorous.

Apart from skipping your mascara, also don’t apply any eye makeup, eye cream, and oily skincare. In short, anything that may or may not interfere and mess with the extension glue should be eliminated.

Another very important point many women neglect is not getting their new eyelash extensions wet. So take your shower after 24 hours of applying for the lash extensions. You have to give the adhesive a maximum of 24 hours to dry entirely.

And for a week following the salon appointment, keep from wearing the waterproof kind eye makeup. Because it tends to create an invisible layer that keeps your expensive lashes from gluing together fully.

2. Choose Custom Eyelash Extensions

No doubt, the best cluster eyelash extensions are expensive. The cost actually differs from one salon to another. Generally speaking though, the starting price is around $120. And it goes up to $300. The former being the most basic eyelash extension of course.

But your choice depends on the shape of your eyes. Along with the lash length you like. And your lifestyle as a matter of fact. What looks good on one person doesn’t necessarily complement the face and eyes of another. And that’s only natural to happen.

Most salons and eyelash studios offer a catalogue of eyelash extension options. It’s like a guide book that contains the simplest as well as the boldest lash extensions. Those with round eyes, more often than not, choose the longest eyelashes. Some women go for cat-eye extensions as well. These are very popular for opening up the eyes even more.

Now let’s talk about the material used for these custom eyelash extensions. The most common ones are faux mink and silk. The former looks the most natural and fluttery. While the latter has a slightly more shiny appearance. Thus, it pops more.

Then comes the curl type and length; J, C, and D. J shape have a bit of a curve with a longer length. While the other two have the most flipped shape.

And finally, how many eyelashes to apply? An experienced eyelash artist often combines different lengths for creating a natural wispy look. For example, a minimum of 4 various lengths for each style of extensions.

3. Cluster Eyelash Extensions Are Not the Best Choice

Many salon experts and lash artists recommend not using cluster extensions. Because these have the tendency to weigh down natural lashes. Therefore, leading to breakage.

Now I know that those with sparse lashes can benefit a great deal from clusters. They do indeed create a more voluminous appearance. So here’s what you can do. Make sure every single extension is placed to just one natural lash. With no visible glue. And without the extensions touching your eyelid.

Just keep in mind that if the eyelash extensions look fake, then they’re probably going to feel too heavy as well.

4. Eyelash Extensions Do Feel Weird Initially

If your new extensions are feeling weird, then it’s only natural for this to happen initially. With eyelash extensions, it’s highly recommended to sleep on your back. Because if you sleep on your stomach or your side. Then the chances are your fake lashes are going to get crushed. And that means you’re compelled to remove them.

In that case, feel free to sleep on a travel pillow. Something that keeps your head elevated while also keeping your body resting on its back.

5. Adjust Your Daily Skincare Routine

As I already mentioned, keep oily skincare products away from your face. So if your skincare routine consists of any formula with rich, nourishing oils. Then you might have to keep it on the sideline. For the sake of your new, lustrous eyelash extensions of course.

But what if your skincare routine includes applying an eye cream? If that’s the case, then why not use the eye cream in your morning skin routine. This way it keeps from interfering with your lashes, unlike nighttime application. Also, make sure the eye cream is not infused with greasy ingredients like mineral oil.

On the whole, apply only non-oily skincare and beauty products.

6. Adjust Your Makeup Routine

If you’re tweaking your daily skincare routine, then it’s much the same for your daily makeup routine. Speaking of which, do you know that there are extension-friendly mascaras as well? These work toward enhancing the shape and appearance of eyelash extensions. And not jeopardizing them.

As for what not to do, avoid applying any waterproof kind eye makeup. Because when you try to remove it, the makeup is only going to weaken the glue holding your lash extensions together. Likewise, stay away from glittery or loose powdery eyeshadows. These tend to accumulate over the roots of the lashes. Therefore, once again weakening them and also causing breakage.

What about liner? Can you use a liner with eyelash extensions? You can if it’s liquid-based or gel-based. It shouldn’t tug at those lash roots that’s all.

7. Change the Way You Wash Your Face

Bumping your expensive eyelash extensions accidentally is a very common occurrence. Many women have lost their lash extensions this way. So how about you take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening with you as well. And the technique is quite simple.

Stick your head as low as possible into your skin. Splash water gently over your forehead and the bottom part of the face. Now carefully sud up both areas. Then rinse your face by gently dabbing it using light, upward circular motion to cover the whole face.

For getting the cleanser off around your eyes, use your ring fingers to dab the area with clean water. Don’t scrub your face at any point.

8. Thoroughly Clean Your Eyes

Before you get any ideas in your head, let me explain.

Combine distilled water and tear-free baby shampoo formula (a little of both). Use this mixture for cleaning your top lids and the bottom part of your eyes. This gets rid of any residue buildup along the lash line. And do this irrespective of whether you apply eye makeup or not.

With extensions, your eyes certainly demand extra attention.

9. Brush Your Eyelash Extensions

Just like your hair gets messy and tangled up after a shower, even eyelash extensions go through the same. Most salons and lash artists provide you with a soft spoolie for combing the extensions daily.

Look down, use the pointer finger to support your eyelashes. Then twirl that spoolie gently over the top part of the lashes. It’s the opposite movement of applying mascara. This only takes 5-10 seconds. But it has desirable long-term effects.

10. Avoid Picking Your Eyelash Extensions

If you want to get them removed, then head to the salon. Because if you try to pick them on your own. You’re running the risk of breaking your natural eyelashes too.

Speaking of removing lash extensions, they cycle off on their own over time. That means you can expect your false eyelashes to last for around 3-4 weeks when properly cared for.

Cluster Eyelash Extensions - Final Words

There are many women who simply can't get enough of eyelash extensions. Especially the cluster kind in the case of sparse natural lashes. They add a lot more volume than you can imagine. And that’s why they’re so addictive.

Cluster eyelash extensions do what a mascara, no matter how expensive, is never able to achieve. Your scarce, thin lashes transform into the most curled, flutteriest, and thickest. With no clumps. And with that perfect tapering shape from the roots to the tips. The only issue is maintaining them the right way.

But when done right, eyelash extensions can last for around 3-4 weeks. At the end of which, they wear out on their own. Meaning you don’t have to go through the trouble of removing them.



Micellar Water vs Toner – When and How to Use? (All You Need to Know)

Micellar water vs toner is thought of and used as skincare products. What they each do for the skin is not that different either. They cleanse the skin to remove makeup, dirt impurities, and other unwanted particles from the skin.

If you want to choose between micellar water vs toner. Then, it is a matter of personal preference. But read this before you come to a fixed decision.

Most people have a skincare routine that they do every morning and night. If you wear make-up, you need a flawless skincare routine to prevent acne and dryness. To allow your skin to rest at the end of the day. You need to use a cleanser like micellar water or a toner.

But what do these products do?


The Beauty of Skin-Cleansing Products


Micellar water and toner are a part of the same category. They are skincare products for cleansing and hydrating. It’s the first thing you use to remove dirt and makeup from the skin.

They contain what you call “surfactants” that break down makeup, creams, dirt, and sunscreen on the skin. They also unclog your pores to hydrate the skin from the deeper layers.

So for a deep clean with the help of an efficient cleansing product, read this.

Micellar Water


Micellar water is a cleansing product made up of purified water and micelles. It is a transparent liquid which contains micelles with soft water. The micelles molecules cleanse out the pores in your skin.

It does everything from getting rid of makeup, dirt, and sunscreen. The micelles are mixed with soft water already in the bottle. So you don’t need to use rose water or any other water-based product along with micellar water.

  • It doesn’t contain alcohol.
  • No stinging during and after use.
  • Good for gentle cleansing.
  • It already contains water for rinsing.
  • Not the strongest skin cleanser.



Toner is a cleansing product with multiple chemicals such as antioxidants and glycerin. The average toner contains hydrogen and oxygen with less water. So you will have to use water along with toner to remove makeup from your face.

A toner does everything micellar water does. It cleanses the skin, tones, and purifies from the pores. It has a stronger cleansing effect than micellar water. But that’s mainly because micellar water contains soft water molecules. And a toner doesn’t.

  • It cleanses your skin thoroughly.
  • Good for blackheads and dead skin cells.
  • Skin toner and exfoliating agent for oily skin.
  • Excessive use may cause dryness and skin irritation.

Why Use Micellar Water vs Toner?


Micellar water is a light and effective cleansing product. It contains purified water which has a gentle quality. You can also buy micellar water with additional ingredients. Such as glycerin for moisturizing and other cleansing agents for hydrating.

These surfactants give your face a glow and smooth look after you use the water. It’s one of the reasons why you can keep micellar water on your face for longer. It doesn’t cause your skin to become dry or brittle.

The surfactants hydrate and moisturize the skin for longer. Preventing dirt impurities and oil-particles from entering your pores. It contains soft water particles so you don’t need to rinse your face after using it.

This gives micellar water an advantage because it’s travel-friendly. You only need a bottle of micellar water to keep your face hydrated after a long day. With toner, you’ll need rosewater or other such skin-care products. Micellar water is a quick clean-up product for people who are always on the go.

The best way to use micellar water is with a cotton pad. You don’t have to rub the water vigorously. Just gently sweep the micellar water over your face. The micelles molecules trap the clusters in your pores that attract oil and dirt.

To sum up, micellar water is a good alternative for sensitive skin. Meanwhile, it’s a light and efficient choice for its skin-balancing benefits.

Why Use Toner vs Micellar Water?


A toner has impressive cleansing and toning properties. It unclogs your pores, refreshes, purifies, and tones. The perfect choice for men and women who wear heavy makeup.

The essence of toner is that it’s powerful and fast. And it’s been around for longer than micellar water. So this also adds the benefits of using toner vs micellar water.

However, some toner products contain alcohol which is bad for the skin. It causes rashes, acne, dryness, and patchy skin. If you use a lot of toner, your skin may eventually become too tight and dry.

This is because the toner you’re using may contain benzoyl peroxide, witch hazel, or salicylic acid. Using salicylic acid on the skin is, to a certain extent, good for acne. But if you use a lot, even without acne, it can cause skin dryness and irritation.

Toner does work deeper into the skin. It’s refreshing and reveals toned and purified skin after use. To put it simply, micellar water may or may not remove dirt impurities along with makeup from the skin. But a toner most certainly does.

But it’s not the best choice for all skin types. Whereas micellar water is because of its pH-balancing skincare ingredients. Micellar water gently removes makeup from your skin. You can even cleanse your face with it without using water, unlike toner.

Final Thoughts

Micellar water and tone can have many benefits. Based on your skin type and skincare routine, you can pick a favorite. Lately, many makeup artists are using micellar water instead of a toner. It quickly removes impurities from the skin including makeup.

The fact that you don’t need any other product to go with makes it better. So it’s versatile and practical to use. Not to mention, it contains soft water molecules that do not cause skin irritation.

Many people struggle with using a toner. The reason for this is that it’s powerful but can cause skin inflammation. Especially if you have acne or sensitive skin in general. But this doesn’t mean that toner is inefficient.

Toner has the upper hand owing to its cleansing properties. It’s fast-acting and gets rid of the toughest of dirt impurities and makeup. Meanwhile, micellar water is lightweight and gentle on the skin.

Now that I have everything laid out for the moment, what do you choose?


How Long Does Shea Butter Last? (All you need to know)

Shea butter is plant-extracted fat. It comes from the nuts that are grown on native West African shea trees. At least most of the shea butter used in beauty and skincare products does. Shea butter has been a part of the cosmetic industry for centuries. It’s packed with plenty of fatty acids and vitamins that benefit the skin to a great extent. But how long does shea butter last?

So for how long is this wonder ingredient good enough to condition, soothe, and smooth your skin? When does it start to go bad? And how to store it the proper way to increase shelf life? All answers you’ll find below. Along with the many amazing benefits of adding shea butter into your daily skincare routine.


How Long Does Shea Butter Last - Shelf Life of Shea Butter


Unrefined shea butter shelf life, typically speaking, is around 24 months. That’s two years from its manufacturing and packaging date. However, the 24-month shelf life is applicable only if the storage is done right.

Shea butter, in its unrefined form, is 100-percent natural. Unrefined means without any preservatives added. Unrefined shea butter also has no chemicals.

On average, shea butter can be used for around two years to nourish and moisturize your skin. However, keep in mind that temperature changes do indeed affect the shelf life of the ingredient. Temperature changes that occur right from the manufacturing and packaging in Ghana all the way to you in America.

In that case, how to tell if shea butter has gone bad or expired?

How Long Does Shea Butter Last - How to Tell If Shea Butter Has Expired?


Does the moisturizing ingredient smell rancid? If yes, then you shouldn’t be using it on your skin. But please note that if you’re using the unrefined form of shea butter. Then it’s highly likely you’re mistaking the smoky, nutty scent of shea butter as rancid. So allow me to help you differentiate.

Rancid-smelling shea butter is more likely to make you gag. Much like olive oil or food that’s gone bad. If your shea butter smells rancid, trust me you would know.

As for the smoky smell of unrefined shea butter, this is more like a burnt scent. Much the same as burning wood or barbecue. Needless to say, that’s a good thing.

How Long Does Shea Butter Last - How to Store Shea Butter?


You can use a plastic or glass airtight container or a ziplock bag for storing shea butter. As long as it doesn’t allow air and moisture to come in. And those using a plastic container or bag, make sure this is food-grade plastic. You don’t want chemicals to fuse into your skincare product.

No matter the type of storage device, it’s best to store shea butter away from direct sunlight and heat. That means leaving it on your table near the window is a bad idea. Or placing it next to a stove, oven refrigerator, or any other heating element is also a NO-NO. Preserve it well, so it lasts longer.

A higher storage temperature only causes shea butter to soften up and then melt. To be more specific, this happens if the temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. So it’s okay to store your shea butter in the refrigerator. This prevents the cycle of constant melting and then solidifying.

And now that you know how long does shea butter last and how to store it. It’s time to read all about its long list of skin benefits.

The Many Amazing Benefits of Shea Butter


The fatty acids of shea butter restore and create moisture in the skin. Thus, preventing dryness.

Shea butter’s natural, chemical-free properties suit all types of skin as they don’t clog pores.

The anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter plant esters reduce skin irritation. Even that caused by eczema.

Shea butter gets easily absorbed into your skin, thus making it look oil-free.

Shea butter antioxidants in the form of Vitamin E and Vitamin A deliver anti-aging skin benefits.

Shea butter promotes anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action too. The latter prevents the formation of acne. While the former fights common skin infections.

It’s a collagen-boosting skin ingredient. So it minimizes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Shea butter also helps in generating new, healthy skin cells. Along with getting rid of dead skin cells.

Shea butter decreases the appearance of acne scarring and stretch marks as well.

Did you know that shea butter consists of SPF? Even though the SPF rating is very low, it’s good to know that shea butter adds to your daily sun protection.

Many hair care products are also infused with shea butter. Simply because it strengthens the hair and prevents hair breakage.

Speaking of which, shea butter contributes to treating dandruff too.

Where Do So Many Benefits of Shea Butter Come From?


Here’s how shea butter is able to transform your skin. And treat various types of common skin concerns like acne, eczema, skin irritation, etc.

  • Shea butter contains fatty acids like linoleic, stearic, oleic, and palmitic. These are perfect for balancing your skin’s natural oil levels.
  • Shea nut has a fatty part packed with triglycerides. No doubt, this particular fatty acid conditions and nourishes the skin.
  • Shea nut’s waxy part is called cetyl esters. The best thing they do is not only moisturize your skin. But also lock in that moisture all day long.
  • Shea butter has a rich content of antioxidants in the form of Vitamins A and E. And these regenerate skin cells and promote blood circulation.

So there's no denying that shea butter is well-equipped to care for your skin. No matter what type of skin you have. This includes oily, dry, acne-prone, and even sensitive. And that explains why this particular ingredient is so commonly combined with other skin-nourishing and skin-repairing ingredients. (Shea Butter vs. Cocoa Butter)


So now you know how to store shea butter properly in order to increase its shelf life. You can actually use shea butter for as long as two years if you store it the right way.

But there’s no denying that shea butter nutrients begin to break down over time. And this happens more quickly if factors like heat, sunlight, and air are dragged into the picture.

So make sure you store it away from direct sunlight and heat. And that you use an airtight container or bag for storage.

Also, the temperature should be consistently cool. For that, it’s highly recommended to store shea butter in your fridge. Because a temperature higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit softens and melts the ingredient.

And you know your shea butter has expired or gone bad if it starts to smell rancid. Like spoiled food or something like that.



How Long Does Back Waxing Last? (The Most Important Factors)

Waxing is no more a category reserved just for women. More and more men are now choosing the waxing method to get rid of hair. And if they were already opting for waxing, then more and more men are now openly admitting to getting waxed. But what’s not common information is knowing how long does back waxing last.

Back hair does seem like a common concern. It’s actually one of the most commonly treated parts of the body for men. Whatever your reason to get your back waxed, here’s everything you might want to know about the process.


How Long Does Back Waxing Last?


A successful waxing session that removes your hair from its root lasts for around six weeks. But that doesn’t mean the surface of your skin is going to remain hair-free for those six weeks. The regrowth of hair might occur sooner.

The growth of hair actually depends on multiple factors. Such as your personal hair growth cycle, how often you go for a wax, the average rate and process of the hair growth cycle, etc. In short, the span of time for hair to grow back varies from person to person.

Speaking of which, let’s dive a little deeper…

Stages of Hair Growth

Hair growth consists of three stages. This includes growing, then resting, and finally transitional. Around 80-90 percent of your hair follicles, at whatever given point, fall in the growing phase. Then approximately 2-3 percent either belong to the resting or transitional phase. And the remaining 10-15 percent are in the third stage.

What does this mean? That any time you get waxed, the possibility of some hair growing below your skin is quite high. And this hair has not reached your surface of the skin yet. Sometimes the hair might be above your skin. But the length isn’t long enough for wax and its strip to grasp it. So it’s only natural for the process of waxing to leave out such hairs.

It’s only a matter of time when these hairs are going to become noticeable. Based on their color and thickness of course. Thick and dark hair is quicker to spot in comparison to light, fine hair. Even if both are of a similar length.

Factors of Hair Growth

The different parts of the body have different time phases of growth, rest, and transition. What determines this is also your gender. Biologically speaking, men and women have different hair growth phases. Even if the body part is the same. Such as the back, arms, and legs.

Then come in factors like your age, hormonal levels, genetics, season, and also your personal hair growth cycle. For instance, the bikini area often consists of thick, dark hair. As opposed to fine, light facial hair.

What I’m trying to say here is that the answer to how long does back waxing last is not the same for all men. For some, it’s six weeks. While for the others, it can be less or more.

How frequently you get a wax also plays an important role. Do you go for a waxing session once in 2-4 weeks? Then it’s highly likely that your hair is coming out of its root. And that means your skin remains hair-free for a longer time.

Also, it’s important to note that removing hair regularly tends to damage your hair follicles over time. And that, in turn, reduces hair growth to a drastic extent. So much so that it’s likely your hair stops growing entirely.

Does Back Waxing Hurt?


The threshold for pain is not the same from one person to another. It’s a very subjective thing, isn’t it? So it’s only natural for back waxing to not hurt some men. Likewise, it’s common for others to go through agonizing pain during the waxing procedure. Whatever your threshold, back waxing does indeed hurt.

But this anticipated pain can get minimized if you get your waxing done by a professional. At such times, he/she is more likely to perform the task without over-sensitizing or over-working your skin.

What’s commonly agreed upon is that with each waxing session, the threshold for pain increases. Meaning it becomes easier over time. Also, hair growth also decreases in the case of regular waxing. Eventually resulting in just maintenance waxing, which is comparatively easier and quicker. With a more familiar sensation.

Your hair growth, with regular waxing, is also bound to become thinner and softer. And with thinner and softer hair, the discomfort and pain often associated with hair removal minimize. In short, the more your wax, the less it hurts.

Waxing vs. Shaving


But why should you subject your skin to the painful process of waxing when you can just as easily shave your hair? Simply because waxing gets rid of hair from your roots. And that implies a longer hair-free phase. In the case of waxing, this is more or less six weeks. Taking into account important factors like age, genetics, how often you wax, etc.

As for shaving, it’s unreasonable to expect your skin to stay hair-free for too long. Plus, shaving the back on your own is a very challenging task. It’s not an easy place to reach with your razor. So you require help. And if you’re keen on shaving instead of waxing, then how about you get this back shaver for the job!


Many men have hairy backs. And many women are okay with men having a hairy chest and back. But what women want should not decide what men want. And vice versa. If you don’t like your body hair, then feel free to get rid of it. But don’t do it to please anyone.

Body hair is just marketed as something unattractive. So that hair removal product companies can bank on it. But that’s not how you should be looking at your hair in the first place. There’s nothing unattractive or undesirable about body hair both on men and women.

As for men who want to wax their back hair, it’s a task that can be done. But done without pain is not a possibility. As for how long does back waxing last, the answer is around six weeks.

The hair on the back, no doubt, can feel like a nuisance if the weather is hot. So go ahead and get it all waxed. And know this, that regular waxing increases your threshold for pain. Over time, discomfort and pain are bound to reduce.